Storage Tank Sterile Conditioners

Sterile Conditioners have become the standard to control microbial growth, most often used in liquid sugar and syrup tank applications. These industrial grade systems are designed to minimize condensation and destroy airborne contamination through a four stage process:


Incoming ambient air is filtered through a poly media pre-filter to remove contaminating particles down to 8 micron in size. 


Air is then filtered further, through the HEPA chamber, capable of removing particulates down to .3 micron in size.


Filtered air passes through an ultraviolet chamber across ultraviolet germicidal lamps, peaking at the 253.7 nanometers wavelength, which is proven to kill micro-organisms. 

Sterile Conditioner Example Photo.jpg


Treated air is then delivered across the headspace of the tank reducing condensation and subsequent microbial contamination. 


After traveling across the headspace of the tank, air is exhausted out the filtered vent. 

Sterile Conditioner Models

Sterile Conditioners.png

FG 2030H Sterile Conditioner

Tank Capacity: Up to 5,000
Filtration: Pre-Filter and HEPA
Lamps: 2 x 18 watt UVC

Sterile Conditioners2.png

FG 2036 Sterile Conditioner

Tank Capacity: 5,000 - 7,000
Filtration: Poly Media Filter
Lamp: 1 x 39 watt UVC

Sterile Conditioners3.png

FG 2072H Sterile Conditioner

Tank Capacity: 7,000 - 18,000
Filtration: Pre-Filter and HEPA
Lamps: 2 x 39 watt UVC

Sterile Conditioners4.png

FG 2108H Sterile Conditioner

Tank Capacity: 18,000 - 40,000
Filtration: Pre-Filter and HEPA
Lamps: 4 x 39 watt UVC

Sterile Conditioners5.png

FG 2144H Sterile Conditioner

Tank Capacity: 40,000 - 100,000
Filtration: Pre-Filter and HEPA
Lamps: 6 x 39 watt UVC

FG 2200H Sterile Conditioner

Tank Capacity: 100,000 - 140,000
Filtration: Pre-Filter and HEPA
Lamps: 8 x 55µ W/cm² @ 1 Meter 


  • Application: Indoor Use
  • Construction: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Connections: Slip Fit Ferrule
  • Electrical Service: 120 V. 60 Hz.
  • Pre-Filter: Bulk Poly Filter
  • Filter: HEPA Single Inlet Filter*
  • Lamp Protection: Protective Lamp Jackets
  • Mounting: Heavy Gauge Z Bar Channel
  • Mounting Position: Tank Top Mount

*Optional on FG 2036
**Not Available on Every Model


  • Application: Exterior with Outdoor Intake Hood
  • Construction: 316 Stainless Steel for Corrosive Applications
  • Connections: Stainless Steel Couplers, Tri-Clamps, or Flanges; PVC Flanges or Nuts 
  • Electrical Service: Other Voltages Available
  • Pre-Filter: Electrostatic**, Carbon, or Pleated Filter
  • Filter: HEPA Double Inlet
  • Mounting Position: Floor Mount or Inline Mount
  • System Monitoring: Lamp Monitoring System and Operational Hour Meter

 Hour Meter

Hour Meter

 Air Flow Meter

Air Flow Meter

 UV Lamp Monitor

UV Lamp Monitor



 Tank Connections

Tank Connections

 Outdoor Hood

Outdoor Hood