Storage Tank Central Systems

Central Systems are Sterile Conditioners that distribute purified air across multiple liquid storage tanks. These systems are extremely effective in controlling microbial growth and most often used in liquid sugar and syrup tank applications. 

The following factors are determined if a Central System is the right application:

Tank Location, Capacity, and Usage
Tanks that are in close proximity, have similar total capacity, and are consistent in average daily use, are needed for effective and efficient distribution of purified air. If evenly sized tanks have different average daily use, a dampening valve might be necessary for even airflow.

Tank Head Space Fixture.jpg

Location of Central System
Outdoor tanks that are fed from indoor Central Systems is advantageous and keeping pipe runs simple and consistent are important for even airflow.

Fill and Dump Rates
Slower and consistent dump or fill rates are critical in preventing back pressure on the Central System. 


  • Application: Indoor Use
  • Construction: 304 - 24G Stainless Steel
  • Connections: Slip Fit Ferrule
  • Electrical Service: 120 V. 60 Hz.
  • Pre-Filter: Bulk Poly Filter
  • Filter: HEPA


  • Application: Exterior with Outdoor Intake Hood
  • Construction: 316 - 24G Stainless Steel for Corrosive Applications
  • Connections: Stainless Steel Couplers, Tri-Clamps, or Flanges; PVC Flanges or Nuts 
  • Electrical Service: Other Voltages Available
  • Pre-Filter: Electrostatic, Carbon, or Pleated Filter
  • Lamp Protection: Protective Lamp Jackets
  • System Monitoring: Lamp Monitoring System and Operational Hour Meter