HVAC Systems

Our industrial and commercial HVAC lines are designed to control organisms, yeasts, mold spores and viruses, through the use of ultraviolet germicidal energy in the 254nm range, to effectively and efficiently purify air. 

Innovative design allows the lamps to be put in an either a perpendicular or horizontal fashion to the air stream, allowing the system to fit virtually any application. These systems are built to broadcast ultraviolet germicidal energy in a 360° rotation and operate off of a relay. 

Each system can be fitted with additional filtration layers, such as a Poly Media, HEPA, ULPA, Electrostatic, Ring, Pleated, and Carbon filters, depending on the application and environmental need.

HVAC System Models

Bayonet Series.jpg

Bayonet series

The Bayonet Series is designed for small to medium duct ways, with the lamps positioned perpendicular to the air flow. These models insert fully into the duct way, while the control box is attached and positioned outside the duct, allowing access to all electrical components.

Diplomat Series.jpg

Diplomat series

The Diplomat Series is designed for medium duct ways. Lamps run perpendicular to the air flow with a design that channels the air tightly across a lamp array. Unique to this series, the lamp array can be configured from 1-4 lamps deep allowing for greater customization with each application. This series contains a face plate on the end to provide easy access to the system components.

Rack Series.jpg

Rack series

The Rack Series is designed for the largest of HVAC applications. Lamps can be positioned vertically or horizontally. This series features high output Amalgam Lamps to deliver the most aggressive amount of UVC possible and comes standard with protective lamp jackets. The Rack Series is suitable for air stream and coil face applications. This series can come with a control box positioned outside the duct.

customizable System Options

  • Hour Meter: Lamp Replacement Scheduling
  • Ultraviolet Lamp Monitoring System
  • Protective Lamp Jackets