Purification Experts Since 1951

About Fuller Ultraviolet

For over 60 years, Fuller Ultraviolet has supplied the latest technology for air, liquid, and surface applications. Fuller Ultraviolet designs and manufactures ultraviolet equipment for liquid sweetener tanks, liquid disinfection, conveyor line fixtures, mobile UV sterilizers, HVAC systems, UV storage cabinets and ozone generators. They currently have equipment in over 40 countries, including the world's largest sugar refineries. MORE INFO

How UV Disinfection Works

The use of ultraviolet germicidal radiation to eliminate the growth of micro-organisms was pioneered and perfected by Fuller Ultraviolet. Ultraviolet germicidal energy is radiation produced by low pressure mercury lamps. The lamps are made of special glass which allows the passage of light rays emanating 253.7 nanometers. This radiation has the ability to kill all the micro-organisms it contacts. MORE INFO