Process Water Liquid Purification

Successful treatment of water and other transparent liquids with UV depends on a number of factors, such as clarity, absorption of ultraviolet, amount of suspended matter, flow rates, temperature and, of course, the type or kind of microbial contamination. The transmission characteristics of UV on liquids is dependent on the depth of the liquid, as well as the absorption coefficient of the liquid. Ultraviolet intensity through liquids decreases logarithmically with the distance from the lamp along with the absorption coefficient further relates itself to the presence of minute traces of iron compounds and organic matter.

Our commercial and industrial lines of Liquid Purifiers will provide a minimum dosage of 40,000 mw/sec/cm2. Each Liquid Purifier is manufactured in various sizes to accommodate different flow rates for a “single pass through” or a recirculatory system, as in industrial storage tanks, hot tubs, spas and swimming pools.